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Owner? Advertise with us

Advertise your gite, villa, cottage or holiday home in France with Holiday Homes France

Reasons for advertising with Holiday Homes France
A simple, concise, easy to use website that offers:

Quality Advertising
Your property is being continuously advertised for 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

We are proud of our excellent customer service skills - all communication received (email, post or phone message) will be answered or acknowledged within 48 hours of receipt.

Deal direct
Clients deal direct with you the owners.

Your property will have its own unique web page with photographs and unlimited text.

Multiple properties
Properties on the same plot are counted as one advert with regards to fees.
For multiple properties not on the one plot - please ask for a quote.

Your email address is not displayed on the website nor in the coding within the site.

Search engines
Each web page is individually submitted to all major and specialist search engines.

The price you are quoted is the price you pay:

Current price is £65 (or euro equivalent) for 12 months advertising.

  • no commission charges
  • all enquiries sent direct to (and dealt with by) you.
  • unlimited text and photos
  • no charges for alterations

      ask for a quote as we often have special offers !

Free alterations and updates throughout the advertising period.

Specialist holidays
Free listings on specialist pages e.g.  fishing, limited mobilitybed and breakfast  - see the  website  for a full list.

Extra listings  on the  Special Offer and Discount  page and  Late Availability  page as required during the season (no extra cost).

Free availability calendar or a link to an independent availability calendar - if required.

Printable booking form - if required.

Location map.

Link to your personal website.

Our index pages follow the French regional areas and if your property is close to the border of any other region it will be indexed on that page also.

Dedicated  B&B,  Mobile Home  and  Skiing  sections etc. - if your property qualifies you will have an advert in the relevant section(s) as well as the area index page.


How to advertise with Holiday Homes France

In order to create your advert we will require full details of the accommodation, prices, photographs and your contact details.
There are three possible ways of getting the information to us:

1. If you have a personal website, we can, with your permission, take the info from there.

2. You can  email  the details and photos (as jpegs) to us.

3. You can send the details including colour photos (which will be returned) by regular mail.

Please do not send colour photocopies as they cannot be reproduced to the quality we require.



The fee includes the text, photos and any alterations and updates you may wish to have made during that period. It also includes listings in any of the specialist categories or special offer pages.

There are no set-up fees and no commission. All customers deal directly with you. The advertising period starts from the date your advert is published.

We accept payment by credit card, PayPal or direct transfer.

Terms - 7 days from date of invoice.



If you have any queries please contact us by email at  info@hhfrance.com



All communication received (email, post or phone message) will be answered or acknowledged within 48 hours of receipt.
If you haven't received notification within 48 hours please assume that your message has not been received and resubmit it.

Unsolicited testimonials:

“We have at last sold the house. Thanks for the bookings you have obtained for us over the years.” JT 15 December.

“Due to family circumstances I am no longer letting out my properties.
Thank you for your advertising over the years it generated many enquiries for me.” LG 15 March.

Really happy with the 3 bookings we have had from you and looking forward to more next year.” PC 6 June

“Thank you it has been a pleasure working with you all of these past 18 years and you have some great properties on HHFrance”. NR 28 January

“We have had 2 enquiries so far and 1 confirmed booking (after only 2 weeks on site), so really please with our advert” PC 3 December

I need to make a few changes to our advert.
But first to tell you we are happy from your website - we have already 2 weeks booked for next year and have had many enquiries from hhfrance.” SG 20 November

“We have been getting quite a lot of inquiries via HHFrance lately which is great, thanks” - DC 24 March

“We have been very pleased with the advertising you have provided for us, and especially with your "after sales" care.
Thank you very much indeed.” - PN 22 March

“We are now receiving enquiries for next year!
This year has been very good and most (bookings) have come from your site. So thanks very much” - SM 23 September

“We’re having a good season with advance bookings for next year, pretty good too!” -  AY 14 September

“I also take bookings for someone else and I am going to recommend HHFRANCE to them for next year.” - MA 13 September

“I don’t know how you attract so much business but please keep on doing it!” - LG 31 May

“Your results are quite fabulous!” - NR 6 September

“Thanks for the superb service you give. You guys are ace” - LM 20 August

“Your service is very good value and I would be happy to recommend you or give a testimonial if it’s ever needed” - CJ 1 August

“Thanks for your prompt service” - SM 31 July

“I was pleasantly surprised at the number of enquiries I received last year so am very happy to renew” - LG 9 March

“Thanks for all the help over the years. You site has been good for me and your service is very good” - PS 23 January.

“Sale now complete - I thank you for your services in the past and will continue to refer your site as good value” - PR 22 January

“Many thanks again, you really are providing a good service” - RH 3 November

“Just want to also say that we are very happy with the responses to your website, thank you” - PN 6 October

“Thank you for the posting last year - We have received an excellent response from your website and are delighted with the results” - JK  23 September

“Thanks for all the great advertising, it is keeping my bookings up!” - CD 20 September

“You may wish to know that 50% of my current bookings have come from Holiday Homes France and this represents extremely good value for money. I think you offer an excellent service – thank you.” - LL 10 August

“I currently advertise with Holiday Homes France and have been delighted with the service I have received.” - LG 8 August

“We made two very good bookings through the late availability feature.” - FT 3 August

“We have now sold our property in France advertised with you. Many thanks for your efficient, cost effective and professional service over the past 4 years” - LB 26 July

“We have had a very successful year with bookings through yourselves.” - FT 26 July

“Many thanks - HHF are my best performing web directory” - MG 24 June

“First of all I would like to say that the response we are getting from your website is excellent. We are receiving enquiries and are able to convert most of them into firm bookings. We would also like to thank you for your vigilance in reporting bogus enquiries to us.” - JK 27 April

“I have done very well through your site this year - better than Chez Nous” - CD 31 August

“Please find attached payment for another years advertising. I am very pleased so far with the responses from your site” - DE 21 August

“We’re very pleased with our entry on your website and we’ve had quite a few enquiries from the site - thank you” - CG 6 June

“I would just like to say - really pleased with the response we get with you. We have filled our late cancellation and it was through advertising with you.” - PH 19 May

“Thanks Steve, nearly every one of our bookings this year have been with you. What a great web site you run” - SB 24 April

“Thank you for your help and service I will be pleased to recommend you to my friends” - JD 21 April

“Great to see a Gite website driving good traffic” - MJ 19 April

“Have to admit that you are one of the few sites that produces enquiries/bookings. Keep it up there on search engines!!!”  - MB 13 April

“We have been very impressed with the amount of enquiries we have received from your website and many of these have turned into bookings” - SC 1 March

Your site represents excellent value and we're always happy with the response” - AM 28 February

“We have had several bookings from your site, so are very happy to continue advertising”  SM 23 February

“I am happy with the website and have already taken 2 good bookings for the summer” - SF 14 January

“Thank you for all your services over the past year and hopefully look forward to another fruitful year ” - DT 11 January

“We were impressed with the response - a good website” - SC 19 December

“Thank you for your fast response to previous queries I am impressed with your business” - DE 30 October

“Hi Folks, just to let you know that despite the recession and the late placement of our ad, our bookings were up this year, so a big thanks to all.
 We have been recommending your site to as many people as possible, as we think your site is good value for money, and it is so easy to use, so well done and thanks.” - SG 29 October

“I've just sent payment for our advert. Thanks for being so helpful and we get a good number of enquiries and bookings through your site” - AY 3 September

“As ever a good prompt service--the layout is fine-I shall be sorry to see this property sold as it provides a good level of income through your site” - PR 2 September

“We really think you have a very good website, we get a lot of good results” - IB 21 July

“Thanks for a great service” -  TS 28 May

“We have been very happy with the response from our advertisements with you this season and have recommended your site to our friends who own a gite nearby”  - RG 17 April

“I would like to say how very pleased we are with the results of our advertising with you and have received a number of bookings this year already” - VP 28 March

“We much appreciate the help and co-operation we have received from you during our working relationship and would not hesitate in recommending your services to anyone considering advertising their property.” - WP 15 April

“Really happy with the service you provide” - EY 3 March

“Once again we had a good year last year thanks to your website” - SB 20 February

”We have had a reasonable number of enquiries through your website that have led to bookings over the past year so we will continue to advertise with you” - MR 19 February

“We are pleased with the response and would like to continue” - AC 16 February

”We are very pleased with the interest we have received via your website and would most certainly like to continue our advertising” - PM 15 February

”I shall be delighted to continue using your service” - TG 5 February

”I must say how pleased we are with the response we are receiving from our advert and the enquiries received from your site are amongst the best we receive” - TG 6 January

“We are very pleased with the response rate that we are getting from the advertisement on your website” - JR 1 October

“I want to congratulate you with the quality of your website. it is user friendly as well for possible bookers as for owners, which is not always the case on other websites.” - EP 1 October

“Many thanks for running such a successful website” - AM 26 September

“We’ve been impressed with the enquiries and your site has outperformed others” - AY 25 September

“Thanks for everything - really love this site” - JR 21 September

“I get really excited when I see an enquiry come in from your site because I know they are genuine enquiries and they usually lead to a booking” - MS 10 September

“Very nicely put together. Great work. I am impressed.” - DC 3 September

“Can I take this opportunity of saying that we were really impressed with the response from advertising with you. We are also with chez nous, but all but one of our bookings came from you! ” - TG 29 August

“We have had several enquiries and bookings from your site, so we are happy to renew.” - JF 22 August

“I know it is only August but we have just had our first enquiry and booking for next year” - JO 12 August

“Thanks for your help and yet again lots of response and bookings from your site” - JH 23 July

“I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for your excellent website and for the many enquiries I have had through it, also those that have translated into firm bookings” - WW 7 June

“I have now been advertising with you for a number of years and can honestly say it is excellent, not only in enquiries but also any query I have is dealt with quickly and efficiently” - J 17 May

“We have been extremely impressed with the level of business and service from your company” - JG 25 April

“Thank you so much for all the help you have given us and of course for the excellent service” - SP 21 March

Excellent! My advert is really very well done. In fact, I’d say your standard and style of presentation is the best of its kind I’ve seen. All with the minimum input from my end some of your competitors take endless form filling and uploading). Thanks a lot.” - CG, 18 March

“May we take this opportunity to say how pleased we have been with your site ant the bookings we have received as a result of it and its well placed position in the Google rankings.” - SJ, 24 October

“Thanks for such quick service, as usual. I would also like to add that we get a lot of enquiries via your site, thanks again.” - LH 12 September

“Thank you for all your hard work in promoting our advert on your site - long may our successful relationship continue.” - EN, 7 September

“Your response gives me even more reason to recommend your site to friends and businesses. In my book Holiday Homes France is the best site for value for money. We receive most of our booking through you (30 weeks for the 2 gites this year, most returning clients ) and always feel assured that we will receive a quick, helpful reply to any questions.” -  KB 14 August

“It does give customers confidence in a company when they respond quickly when there is a problem, thanks very much.” KE , 7 August

“Bookings and enquiries are constant through your site and I recommend you to all those starting up businesses such as mine. I already have 20 weeks reserved for this year already. 2/3rds came via your site.
Thank you for an efficient, friendly service at affordable rates, long may it last.” - KB, 24 February

“Like to take this opportunity to say how successful our advertising was with you last season with 85% of all bookings coming from you, and one booking for next year already taken” - P&RC, 28 October

“I take this opportunity to thank you for your advertising this year, very good response” - PC, 24 October

“Thank you very much for all your hard work on our behalf, we are very pleased by the response we get from your website and really do appreciate the loyalty invoice as times are a little hard due to ferries etc.” - AN, 14 September

Great service from you and your team, much better than the other site we are using. Will be remaining with you when it comes to renewal time.” - MG, 19 August

“Just to say a big thank you for the outstanding response we got from your site. We have had to turn down literally dozens of enquiries for the month of August. We will definitely want to advertise with you again next year.” - SD, 28 July

“We have renewed our advertising today.
We have been delighted with the response we have had from our advertisement with Holiday Homes France. We currently have a family staying at the moment who come from Finland. Your site is obviously accessed from all over the world.” - RS, 22nd June

“We’re getting some good bookings from your site, keep up the good work.” - GT, 9th June Bed and Breakfast and self catering

“I would like to say how impressed I am with your web site. To date we have had 6 requests (one 2 hours after we went live!) and 2 bookings” - TT, 1st April

“Again I have had a very good response this year from your website and I am very satisfied with my bookings from you, long may it continue” - JO, 29th March

“We would very much like to add to your list of satisfied customers. The service we have received has been second to none, with nothing too much trouble. We are really pleased, thank you.” - SD, 22nd March

Wonderful, thanks so much. How I wish all holiday sites were as efficient as yours. Your site is worth every penny / euro.” - KB, 17th March

“Have had a couple of excellent bookings through your site already”  - JG, 25th February

“We are very satisfied with your website. It looks good, is very informative and brings lots of bookings. We think you are always very client-friendly.” AG, 13th February

”Had a very good response last year, despite late start - thanks” - JF, 6th January

“Thank you for being the less stressful people I have ever dealt with! Your service is the best, easiest and we have had very good results last year. Lets hope next year is as good or even better!” - LR, 1st December

“Just to say I have already booked 6 weeks for next year and all through your web site. 95% of my bookings for this year also came from you. Thanks.”  - SW, 15th October

“Many thanks, we are delighted with the response your website generates, long may it continue to do so.”  - A&CM, 3rd October

“Your website has been fantastic for us and I think it looks one of the most professional and is the most straightforward to negotiate. Many thanks.” - A&R, 2nd October

”Just thought I’d drop you a note to say what a wonderful response we have had from your website. We have advertised in various publications etc.but never with the success that this site has produced.” - AW, 1st October

”Great! Been with you 3 weeks and already I have got my first booking - for next August. I was with (another company) for the whole of 2004 and didn’t get even one enquiry thru their brochure AND their website!!!!” - SR, 28th September

“I registered on your website in February and am very pleased with the response received this year. I will definitely be renewing for next year.” - JG 27 September

“We would like to congratulate you on your excellent service, most of our renters this year were through yourselves. Thank you.” - K&SB, 21st September

”Je suis trés heureuse d’avoir des appels de réservation déja pour mon appartement, merci!.” - OF, August

“This year more than half of my bookings originated from your website. Thanks for always being so caring.” - AG, July

“We have recently advertised our property with you and are delighted with the response we have had in the first few weeks. We took our first booking yesterday and have had a lot of enquiries. Thank you for producing such a lovely advertisement.” - R&A, July

“I am very pleased with the website, have had one booking already in the 1st week of the ad!” - FD, April

“Most impressive website and efficient service and definitely value for money - lets hope you don’t get so big that you lose this individual attention to detail, thanks for all the bookings on my Languedoc property the majority of which have come from your website.” - PR, April

“I am very satisfied with your services and your publicity: this year most of my bookings have come through you.” - AG, March

“Thank you for your prompt response, very refreshing. I am with several websites and have been for a couple of years. This year in particular has been very frustrating with slow responses to updates and changes. It was for this reason I sought a change in the hope of somewhere more attentive. Thanks.” - TW, February

“We began our advertising with you in May last year and so far results are much better than the other sites we use. Thank you.” - DG, February

“Thank you for the excellent presentation of my new details on your site.” - JM, August

“Thanks for being so efficient (wish all websites were!)” - AW, August

“I just thought I would drop you an email to say how happy I am with the response I get from your site. Most of my bookings this year have come from the enquiries I have had via Holiday Homes France. So a big thank you.”  - JO, July

“Thank you for your speedy and efficient response. We were pleased to see our advert up and running so quickly.” - MS, July

“Many thanks for all the help so pleasantly given.” - JH, June

“We are very impressed with your web site. We have had enquiries from Canada, South Africa and even Australia! Many thanks indeed.” - PT, June

“We have had a look at our advert and are very pleased with it. We would like to say how very smart and efficient your web site is, one of the best we have seen. Very concise and easy to follow.” - PA

“I am really pleased with the response to the web page, we have had a lot of enquiries and one firm booking already.”  - PP, June (after one week of advertising with HHFrance.)

“Just to let you know I have now filled those July weeks and am now fully booked up for this year. The site has been brilliant in the way of advertising and I will definitely be advertising next year!!!”  - SW, June

“Very impressive, already had one enquiry and a provisional booking.”
- DG, (after 3 days of advertising with Holiday Homes France.) March

“I think that your website is excellent and easy to use and hope to become a regular user of your service.”  - JMB, March